In some respects I am reluctant to provide Jeremy with a testimonial since all it will do is improve his popularity and make it even more difficult to secure his services.

However this testimonial doesn’t really come form me at all – rather from our Springer and Working Cocker Spaniels, Poppet and Wispa.  If a dog’s tail wagging is an indication of how pleased it is to see and be with a person then our two dogs simply love Jeremy.  There’s no hesitation about leaving their home they both greet Jeremy with gusto and can’t wait to get in the van and be away. We have absolutely no qualms in placing the dogs in Jeremy’s care, whether for a walk, a day, a weekend or whilst we are away on holiday. He provides a caring yet professional service, always placing the safety, happiness and welfare of the dogs in his care, as the top priorities.  He is recommended without hesitation.

Peter and Lesley Marley

A great big thank you to Jeremy for taking such good care of Gertrude since she was 10 weeks old.

He has never let us down and is always flexible with puppy visits around Gertrude’s needs and our routine.  Jeremy has helped and supported with her training and she loves a play and tumble when he visits.

It is an enormous comfort to know Gertrude is being cared for by someone competent and trustworthy who really loves dogs.

Gertrude has had a couple of stays at Jeremy’s home and enjoys socialising so much with his own dogs she makes it clear she would happily stay rather than come home with us!


“I am so pleased to have found Jeremy! I have left my two beagles with him several times now and did not worry about them at all. Jeremy talked through with me best ways of the dogs getting to know him and be familiar with his home. We had trial days and overnights before I left them to go away.

Jeremy sent me updates while I was away to let me know how things were going which I appreciated and helped me not worry . He is very mindful when booking dogs, which dogs he will have, to ensure there is a good balance of personalities as to avoid potential problems and give the dogs in his care a happy and safe experience. He works with me giving me advice and suggestions to tackle any issues my dogs may be having.

I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking for safe, secure and happy dog care for their dogs.

My beagles have certainly taken to him and are always happy to see him when he comes to take them for their walks.

I trust him with my boys 100 per cent !!”

K Page

“We have had dogs for around 15 years and when we lost our old lab and were left with a lonely 18 month old springador puppy we made the decision to take in a rescue dog. We passed the home assessment and soon became the proud owners of the most handsome Vizla cross. Dexter settled in remarkably quickly and kept Barney company; we were all so happy that things had worked out so well. Fast forward a year or more and out of the blue we come home to find the sofa shredded all over the room. Annoyingly, the sofa had only been delivered a few weeks before! I assumed that the boys were not getting enough exercise and set about walking them further and longer. This didn’t work and before I knew it I was running them 5k every morning, to no avail. Our neighbour gave me Jez’s number – I think I was hoping that someone to pop in and walk the boys would break up the day and stop them getting bored and destructive as well as save me from the exhaustion – 10k was not an option!! When we spoke to Jez he had a totally different opinion and taught us a different approach. He taught us about the dogs emotional state and anxiety levels and made us rethink our routines. With some very simple changes and a consistent approach (and MUCH less walking!) we appear to have identified the triggers for the naughty behaviour and transformed the troublesome hound back to the lovable boy he was when he first arrived. It all sounds too good to be true, but it really has saved the day – Dexter was on his way “to the pound” before Jez saved him!”


“Jez has been an integral part of the development of our Labrador puppy. Without the puppy visits we would’ve been unable to get a dog in the first place, my wife and I work shifts meaning that we occasionally leave our dog at home for longer than we’d like. Jez has accommodated our working lives by doing puppy visits at our house when we’re at work, often at short notice. It is clear that he has developed a strong bond with our dog who gets very excited when she see’s him.

Having completed some dog training with Jez we have seen positive developments with our puppy who both enjoys the training and is clearly learning and developing positively as a result.

Jez is a friendly, approachable and trustworthy person; we would recommend him to anybody looking to use his services.”

Mr & Mrs Owen

“We initially contacted Jeremy to provide additional walking for my mother’s two Goldens (7 and 13 years) and also for some home boarding. My mother was initially concerned about her dogs staying with anyone else, but Jeremy spent time explaining how it would work and also getting to know the two dogs. Even during this initial period it was clear that Jeremy is someone who genuinely loves dogs. I was also reassured that he was very professional in his approach, being fully insured and checking that vaccinations were up to date, behaviour of the dogs etc. After a few walks the difference to the younger dog was apparent, being much calmer and generally much more content. Since then Jeremy has started walking the younger dog on a regular basis, with the older dog joining when she is up to it. Overall Jeremy has been great and I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for someone to provide help with their dogs.”

Amber & Melody

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