It’s an exciting time with the imminent arrival of a new puppy and there is lots to prepare for.

We offer a completely flexible and bespoke service to suit your requirements and those of your Puppy, as every client’s situation is different.  What doesn’t change is the fun and bouncy playful nature a puppy has, It is great to see a puppy grow up to become a well rounded, calm and playful adult dog.


Pre arrival visits – We can advise on making the house and garden safe for the new Puppy and to help you be prepared for what lies ahead.  Being a qualified Pro Dog Trainer and having years of experience with breeding and bringing up puppies, we can help with picking the right toys, treats and equipment.

Prices start from £15


Puppy Visits – During our visits, we ensure they and their environment are clean, we feed them and check water is ok, ensure they have stimulation and play with them.  If you are taking part in our Training, we also reinforce what they have been learning in their 1 to 1’s.  These visits can vary and change as the puppy grows and develops, generally lasting 20 minutes usually between 10.00 and 14.30, subject to availability.

Prices start from £7.50


Puppy Socialising – Once all injections are completed it is time to introduce your new puppy to the outside world.
Whilst this is important for your puppy to meet other dogs and people, it is also very important not to overwhelm your new Puppy and this can be covered in our Puppy Training 1 to 1’s.  Not all adult dogs cope with an excited puppy so mixing with the right dog is imperative.  Keeping the puppy safe and blowing it to learn from calm and patient dogs is key.  When the time is right, we introduce them to the Adult Dogs that they will be walked with in the future.

This is a bespoke service and therefore we work with you to meet the exact needs of the puppy and the family.

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