Dog Walking

It’s not just a Dog Walk! We at Smarter Dogs engage and play with the dogs during their walk so that they not only get exercise but get stimulation and enjoyment.  We actively match similar size and nature Dogs to each walk so that all dogs have an enjoyable, playful and safe experience.

Your Dog’s well being and safety is paramount when we are Dog Walking and that is why we are First Aid trained, Insured and DBS Checked.  Vehicles & Equipment are regularly monitored, maintained for safety and kept as clean as they can be to give all the dogs a great walk.  We follow the Professional Dog Walkers’ Guidelines introduced in January 2019 and endorsed by The RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Pet industry to try and maintain better standards in the industry.

In brief, these Guidelines suggest:

Suitable Containment for Dogs in Transit

No more than 4 Dogs walked at once

Adequate Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Varied & Interesting walks aiding stimulation & fitness

As you can see below, some dogs like to swim as well as walk and we love to let them have fun!

Being in the heart of the South Downs National Park gives us access to some of the greatest dog walks around and it certainly makes for a great time for the dogs, whatever the weather.  Walking around Petersfield, Clanfield and Horndean depending on where the dogs are located helps us to ensure that the dogs don’t spend too much time travelling in the van and spend more time out on a stimulating walk.

To ensure that we meet your requirements, we always meet you and your Dog either on a walk initially or at your home.  This is a great time for you to see if it will be a good match and for us to determine if they will enjoy a certain walk.  Once we have met and both parties are happy with the meet, we ask you to complete some paperwork which has essential contact information and allows us to have all the Dog’s information to hand, should we ever need it.

Group WalksIMG_8181

We offer Group dog walks which generally last for approx 45 to 60 minutes.  We walk in small friendly groups and take a maximum of 4 Dogs off the lead to ensure their safety and enjoyment on the walks. Groups walks are great fun and because we make sure dogs get on, this often helps to bring the quieter dogs out of their shell and give them more confidence.

These can be booked Ad Hoc or the same time daily.

Prices start from £13

2 Hour Walk

By popular demand, we now do a 2 hour weekly walk for those dogs who need a longer walk or for those Sports Dogs who are building up to doing an event.  This is available subject to temperature and day light and we don’t do this at the peak of summer or middle of the Winter.

Prices start from £22

Individual Walks

Not all Dogs want to walk with other Dogs.  Some Dogs can’t deal emotionally with other Dogs or don’t like being in a group and that is absolutely fine.  This is an ideal way of catering for that Dog who just needs a little more 1 to 1 or more space.  We can even add in training and work on a particular area that you may be having a struggle with.

Prices start from £20 for 1 dog or £25 for 2 dogs from the same household

We do our walks in both Hampshire and West Sussex although mainly around Petersfield, Clanfield, Horndean and East Meon.

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