Dog Training

Dog Training has changed massively over the last few years with many people moving away from traditional out of date methods and moving to the Positive Reinforcement or Reward Based Training.

We are committed to delivering the most efficient dog training solution to our customers. For this reason, we start most of our training in the comfort of your own home because this is where the most effective learning happens for you and your dog. 

Being in your home allows us to see exactly what your dog’s issues are and allows us to focus purely on the training that they need. We tailor a training package specifically for you and your dog. 

We offer Dog Training in Waterlooville, Horndean, Clanfield, Petersfield, Emsworth and Meon Valley.

Using Positive Reinforcement, Dogs learn to make decisions for themselves whilst building a strong relationship with you.  Using Concept based Dog training with fun and games, gives them mental stimulation and encourages them to want to continue to train as they see it as enjoyable, at the same time teaching valuable life skills.

Non-aversive methods of dog training are successfully used to train any breed or age of the dog. Dog’s are very efficient with their energy and Positive reward training uses your dogs desire to achieve a goal to train the wanted behaviours whilst having fun.

Using techniques that help your dog to have self-confidence and impulse control in everyday life, you will learn to both understand and train your dog.

Dogs learn through association. In other words, all canine behaviour is cued by the environment. Past experiences will affect their current behaviour choices.

We all have an idea of what we really want our dog to behave like but often this is far from how they are.  We look at the positives, the “What we do want, rather than What don’t we want!”  Keeping optimistic means your dog sees being around you as a positive rather than a negative and training becomes easier and can be done anywhere.

It’s not always about training the dog, Smarter Dogs teaches owners as well on how to manage situations and environments, which helps dogs and owners to cope with problems or struggles.  We give you the tools to teach your dog with the inspirational games and experiences.

1 to 1 Training

PDT-Logo-Certified-Purple-low-res-01Home Visits or out on a walk, 1 to 1 Training is great if you are having specific issues or prefer the individual learning to suit your times.  We can cover all sorts, for example; pulling on the lead, recall, jumping up or meeting other people.  Teaching you some fun games which can help to build focus and your relationship as well as ways to mentally stimulate your dog.  Whilst classes are great, often this can be too much for a dog and the amount of learning a dog and the owner can take on board can be hampered because of another dogs behaviour or because of other distractions.

Puppy Training


Teaching a puppy the essential Life Skills from an early age is a great way to bond with your new dog.  Puppies can’t go outside into the open world until they have had all their injections, but this doesn’t mean the training can’t start.  Using a wide range of games, we can show you how you can have a great time with your new puppy whilst teaching it some basic life skills and actions that will translate to a well rounded dog as it matures.

Real Life Training

Sometimes you may feel that you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for.  Coming out on a walk with you and your dog can often highlight things that are happening that you don’t realise as you are too close to the situation.  Observing and Teaching in the real world and on the go, can help improve your confidence and build that relationship you have.

Remember there are good days and bad days, it is fine to do nothing some days!

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